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WATCH: Youth’s WAP Dance On TikTok Is Triggering A Bunch Of Maltese Men

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We may be nearly out of the woods when it comes to 2020, but Cardi B’s catchy sexual empowerment single WAP continues to live on in our hearts – and people are still busting down to it in the streets.

However, not everyone appreciates the high level of choreo and sheer confidence one needs to start twerking in the middle of a Rabat road.

And one youth who uploaded a video of himself literally making it pop has become a target for Malta’s anti-migrant activists… but not because he’s black, promise.

The TikTok page Quay’s Life uploaded a video of the youth startling a passerby by suddenly making it drop in a video that’s racked up 22,000 views in less than a day.

However, it wasn’t long before a number of individuals began attacking him for the video.

“Then they call you a racist if you try to stand up for yourself. They provoke you and humiliate you in front of people,” said one man.

People quickly began listing all the violent things they’d do to the youth if he had startled them by busting down so hard near them.

“Knees to the teeth, that’s what he needs,” said one person.

“As soon as he was on the ground someone should have jumped on his spine,” said another.

The violent thoughts and dehumanising language continued across various leading anti-migrant profiles.

Sure – “pranking” someone by making it pop, lock and drop suddenly ain’t exactly the coolest move around… but it’s a far cry from needing brutal physical retribution upon one’s person.

Also, shout-out to the calm AF Maltese kid who was like: “just another day in Rabat I guess”.

People in Malta have been uploading their takes on the #WAPChallenge for a while now…

…but not black people near white people, of course… that would just be crossing the line.

Tag someone who needs to dance more and lighten up a bit

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