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‘We Are All Family’: Malta’s Biggest Private Employer Says It Wants To Safeguard All Employees Irrespective Of Nationality, Race Or Gender

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One of Malta’s biggest employers OZO Group have reassured that their commitments to their employees remain unchanged during these difficult COVID-19 times.

Ozo Group CEO Fabio Muscat took to a press release to reaffirm that the companies’ duty during these turbulent times is to “safeguard each and every job irrelevant of nationality, race or gender because for us they are all family.”

Ozo Group specialises in the outsourcing and services industries, employing over 3,000 employees, including third-country nationals, across the board.

“We are eternally grateful to all our employees who have been loyal to our brand and helped us reach new heights,” he said.

Nonetheless, many third-country nationals face the possibility of being deported in light of the economic impact COVID-19 may have on the country. Some have already been told to pack up and leave by employers who will not be renewing their work permits or face being declared an illegal immigrant and being deported.

Economy Minister Silvio Schembri also came under heavy fire after he passed remarks that third-country nationals who lose their jobs will have to return to their countries of origin but has since apologised to anyone they might have offended.

Ozo Group also appealed to the government to intervene and assist businesses to help them survive during this challenging period.

“Alone we will not be able to survive, we are not an exception. We hope that the government will intervene and assist businesses to survive this challenging period,” they said.

Many businesses face similar situations with The Gozo Business Chamber and Chamber of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises already commenting on how government business measures will have “no impact and are no way close to what businesses need to sustain jobs.”

Earlier today, 10 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed by Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci, bringing the total number of patients up to 48.

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