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‘We Are The Police And We Don’t Pay’: Mellieħa Restaurant Manager Reports Officers For Dining And Dashing

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A Mellieħa restaurant manager has filed a police report against two police officers, one of whom is a sergeant, for refusing to pay the bill after eating out with their families at his establishment.

Recounting his experience on a Facebook forum, the manager said six Maltese guests had booked a table last Saturday and had no issues with the drinks or starters but started complaining as soon as the main course arrived.

“They asked for the manager and I spoke with them to try and fix their problems – the food was a disaster, the waiter was sweating, the order was wrong etc,” he said. “I would like to add that out of 40 people we had that night, no one else complained, but [it is possible] to not be happy with your food.”

He said he offered to prepare the guests new dishes but that they declined and ate what was on their plates, prompting the manager to remove the main courses from their bill but charge them for everything else.

“I removed their plates and at that point they got up and left saying thousands of bad words,” the manager said. “I asked them again kindly, several times, to pay the bill and they refused to pay it, continuing their show. They went out of the restaurant and I followed them telling them that I am calling the police.”

“At that point, the three guys tried to intimidate me and be aggressive, but I’m a big guy so nothing happened, and then they put a a police badge in my face and they said: “We are the police and we don’t pay”!” I was shocked thinking that the persons that should protect us is doing this, taking advantage of their badge!”

The manager said he told the police officers in their face that they should be ashamed of themselves, but the officers showed no remorse and told him to contact a lawyer to start a civil case against them if he so pleases.

After confirming with the police that this was indeed a civil case, the manger filed a report with the Internal Affairs Unit of the Malta Police Force, handing over the names of the aggressors. It is believed that the restaurant is also in possession of CCTV footage but that the police have not yet requested it as part of the investigation.

“I am sorry for them but even for us and for the honest people,” the manager said. “I would just like to have the power to show to the world who they really are, like this everybody can point them and avoid them. What do you think about that?”

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