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‘We Can’t Ignore The Fact That It Causes Harm’: PN Sticks To Its Guns On Decriminalising Cannabis In Malta

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The Nationalist Party won’t budge its position on regulating cannabis use in Malta, remaining in favour of decriminalisation and not full legalisation.

Lovin Malta asked PN leader Bernard Grech for the party’s stance on cannabis as the government moves to legalise the “responsible use” of the substance.

“Our position has always been clear. The Nationalist Party is in favour of decriminalisation in order to reduce harm for those that want to use it,” Grech explained at a press conference announcing their action plan to promote women in politics.

“We are in favour of that allowing those who want to use it in private, but cannot assume it doesn’t cause any harm to users.”

Prime Minister Robert Abela unveiled a pledge to present a draft law to allow people to grow their own weed for personal use and avoid police arrests for possession.

His comments came after the arrest of two teenagers caught smoking weed in a hotel on Valentine’s Day. It prompted an outcry from MEP Robert Metsola and Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri for laws to allow personal use.

Malta has already legalised cannabis for medical use in 2018 and limited personal use in 2015.

Do you think weed should be legalised in Malta? 

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