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‘We Don’t Know How To Thank You’: Rare Cancer Patient Overwhelmed By Financial Support Quarter Of Way To €160,000

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A Maltese couple that has been forced to turn to the public for help after racking up €160,000 in medical bills for treatment of a rare form of cancer has thanked the public for its generosity after collecting €40,000.

Marica and Paul Galea recently sat down for an interview with talk.mt, where they discussed their ordeal. 

Since 2012, Paul has been diagnosed with multiple cancers, including a rare form of cancer, Adenoid cystic carcinoma, which is an aggressive tumour of the salivary gland, which can, as happened in Paul’s case, extend to the structures of the skull base.  

His diagnosis has seen them forced to seek treatment in both the UK and Germany, forcing the couple into a significant amount of debt as a result. 

Speaking with talk.mt, Galea said that the only option left for the couple was for them to sell their home, adding however that they had decided against this given the fact that Paul was still undergoing treatment. 

Galea said that thanks to the public’s generosity, they have been able to focus, albeit temporarily, on Paul’s illness. 

“We are obviously very happy that people have understood our genuine cry for help. Collecting a little bit from many has allowed us to collect the nice sum of roughly €40,000 and I honestly don’t know how I can start to thank them,” Marica Galea told talk.mt.

Galea also spoke with Lovin Malta saying that she had received several donations from foreign nationals living in Malta after this website carried her story after it was originally published. 

“I would like to you to thank your readers for their generosity,” she said, adding that she had not expected foreign nationals to contribute in the way they did. 

Anyone wishing to help Paul and Marica with a donation can do so using MobilePay on 99881768, Revolut on 79233995 or using a transfer to MT92VALL22013000000050015722491.

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