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‘We Need All Hands On Deck Now,’ Says PN Leader Adrian Delia

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Forty-eight hours after being re-confirmed as PN leader, Adrian Delia has issued a rallying call for his party with an opinion piece entitled “All Hands On Deck”.

Published in Times of Malta today, the article argues that while civil society groups were an effective tool to keep government accountable, at the next general election “it’s a choice between Labour and the Nationalist Party”.

“We remain the only alternative to the present government, and we must give the electorate a credible alternative. That is entirely up to us.”

Delia praises the work being undertaken by party stalwart Louis Galea who he describes as “a visionary who commands widespread respect within and beyond the Nationalist Party”.

“I gave Dr Galea free rein to consult with party members and within Malta’s civil society on reforms needed to strengthen the PN. Dr Galea has a one-year mandate to report to me with findings and suggestions. In the meantime, starting from today, there is work to be done from all of us at party leadership level, and all rank and files within the party. This is not business as usual. Never was.”

Delia conceded that this was an uphill battle.

“I faced, and continue to face, a multitude of challenges. I was never one to shy away from challenges. That is what leadership is all about. Leadership requires courage, resilience and perseverance. Saturday’s vote motivates me further to bring about the necessary, much awaited changes within the party.”

Delia said he deeply respected the ‘no’ voters who genuinely want a stronger, better organised Opposition party.

“I welcome our colleagues with open arms and encourage them to help me strengthen the party. We are at the cross-roads of history. Past generations entrusted us with a party that brought widespread reforms to our country whose benefits continue to be enjoyed by current and future generations. Future generations, on their part, shall hold us accountable for the actions we take today.”

“I trust that, following Saturday’s vote, the absolute majority of party members, whatever their status, shall respect the councillors’ verdict and come together to make the Nationalist Party re-electable again. I am determined, as never before, to bring about the much-needed changes that people within and beyond the party expect from us.”

“Now is the time to look ahead – with determination and the will to succeed,” he concluded.

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