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A Hot Start To A Fair End? Here’s Malta’s Weather For The Last Week Of May

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Highs that feel as hot as 30°C might not be considered “fair” by many people, but as far as the rest of the week in Malta goes, today is the only particularly hot outlier there is.

Today’s mostly sunny day is set to reappear on a number of occasions this week, with some cloud cover helping the meteoric UV Index go down to slightly more manageable 9s and even 8s by Thursday.

As for the temperature, today should be the only day that feels warm enough to hit the 30s, with tomorrow’s highs of 24°C ushering in a week of mid-20 days and mid-10 evenings.

The wind should also be relatively moderate, settling at a breezy Force 2 and 3 and giving the island some much-needed northwesterly freshness.

After the heatburst-induced weekend Malta recently had, this week’s weather should give locals some much-needed respite.

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