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A Sunnier Start To May? Here’s The Weather In Malta This Week

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April has been somewhat of a mixed bag when it comes to the weather in Malta, but we might be looking at a warmer, sunnier end to the month as May arrives with all its nearly-summerness.

Today’s partly cloudy day will slowly start setting the scene for the rest of the week, as the highs of 20°C will actually continue rising over the next couple of days. And yes; those winds of Force 5 and 6 that the islands have been getting are not going anywhere any time soon.

By Wednesday’s public holiday and the start of May, however, highs will continue to rise, stabilising at 22°C with relatively milder winds of Forces 3 and 4. By Thursday, less clouds and relatively milder, west and northwesterly winds should make for the warmeset day of the week.

Even though Friday sees clouds returning, the southern Force 4 week paired with highs of 22°C should make for another warm day. The proof? Even the day’s lows will get warmer, at a balmy 14°C.

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Photo by Кеша Кеша

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