A 'Yellow Warning' Has Been Issued Ahead Of This Week's Weather In Malta

Spoiler alert: it's getting hot AF all over again

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Remember last week's spell of hot weather which saw the temperature in Malta flirting with 40°C for at least three consecutive days? Well, we hope you liked that, because the heat is coming back with a vengeance over the next couple of days. So much so that a Yellow Warning was issued by the Malta Meteorological Office on Malta International Airport's website.

"Maximum temperature is expected to reach 34°C," the warning reads, but as always, the apparent temperature will be way higher. Like, 37°C over the weekend, and 39°C by next Wednesday.  Eesh.

Also on the forecast for the coming week; sunny with a chance of sunnier.

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Of course, warnings of this kind aren't issued for nothing. The UV Index will constantly be at an extremely high 11, which is the second highest possible UV Index. That means this weekend is the perfect opportunity to stock up on suncream if you're aiming to be in the sun for longer than a couple of minutes. The relative humidity is as high as it gets, with certain areas like Valletta seeing an insane 99% as we go into the weekend.

The good news is that the wind is now blowing from the North, which should make for some fresh breezes during those hot middays. Also, the sea temperature will be hovering in the mid 20s°C, so there's your natural cooler sorted. 

Long story short; it's going to get very hot all over again, so keep yourselves hydrated, stay away from long stretches of time in the Sun if possible, and use the most of the sea's cool temperature for a quick dip.

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