After A Stormy Start To Friday, Here's What The Rest Of The Weekend In Malta Is Looking Like

February isn't leaving without a wintery fight

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Malta has seen some very windy and rainy weekends over the last couple of weeks, and it seems like February isn't quite done yet. After a surprise stormy start to Friday morning, things are looking better for the rest of the weekend... but only just.

Today started with the Malta International Airport website announcing more potential thunderstorms for the rest of the morning (effective until at least the afternoon), things are already looking a little better. A relatively windy day (Forces 5 and 6 across the board) with isolated showers is on the menu for the first day of the weekend, and tonight sees the highs of 16°C going down to 11°C.

Saturday already looks better, with a mainly sunny day seeing the wind going down from Force 6 to Force 3. While the highs of 16°C will persist, the lows will go up to 14°C.

Sunday - which happens to be the big day for thousands of people participating in the Malta Marathon - thankfully has no rain forecasts. It's also going to be one degree warmer during the day. However, wind seems to be the biggest highlight, with southeasterly Force 5 winds becoming northwesterly Force 6s. Here's hoping that'll help runners and walkers with some wind in their sails! Sunday night closes off by going back down to a rather chilly 11°C.

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