After This Morning's Sunny Start, This Weekend Could Bring Some Very Different Weather To Malta

Thunder might be coming back to the islands


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November in Malta hasn't really followed in October's cold, wet footsteps just yet, but that might be about to change really soon if this weekend's forecast is anything to go by.

Today's sunny and relatively hot start could be changing soon, with both Saturday and Sunday currently showing the possibility of thundery showers dominating the rest of the weekend.

What's more, this week's relatively warm high temperatures will be dropping to 21°C by tomorrow, with all three evenings set to go all the way down to a rather fresh 16°C.

The wind is also set to pick up, from this morning Force 2 to Force 4 (and maybe even 5) by tomorrow. If you've been counting down the days until Malta got rain, thunder and fresh temperatures back, this weekend might be your lucky break.

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