As Temperatures Rise And The Sun Returns, This Week's Weather In Malta Is Set To Be One Big Mixed Bag

Expect rain again by the end of the week though


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Storms, flooding and strong winds had everyone in Malta getting used to winter over the last two weeks, but it seems like all the people who were hating every second of it might just catch a bit of a break for the time being.

This week's weather forecast for the islands sees the sun return for longer periods of time, especially over the next two days. Because of this, the weekdays' highs will budge up to an apparent temperature 29°C all the way up to Wednesday, with evenings just about making it to 20°C. The wind might've started off with a mild Force 2 on Monday morning, but it should be slowly climbing until it eventually gets to a strong Force 6 on Thursday, which is also when the temperature is set to suddenly drop to 24°C.

If you actually prefer the frequent bouts of rain we've been getting, then you're going to have to wait a couple of days. Wednesday's forecast is currently showing the possibility of isolated showers, while Thursday's wind will also bring some further showers over the islands.

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As the wind dies down on Thursday evening, the showers might persist onto Friday, but it's set to be a relatively drier and warmer weekend than the last one.

Saturday and Sunday are both slated to be partly cloudy, with the highest temperature of 26°C feeling as hot as 29°C in the sun. The wind should stabilise at Force 3, and with it blowing from a southerly direction by Sunday, warmer temperatures might very well be on the horizon.

Maybe it's best to hold off on those thick jackets for now?

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Tag someone who prefers this weather, and someone who wants it to be colder already!

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