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August Alert! Malta Will Feel As Hot As 40°C For The Next Four Consecutive Days

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Whenever someone who isn’t quite used to Malta’s summer starts complaining about the heat, they’re frequently met with a sly smile and a, “just you wait until August kicks off”. Well, after the first day of the month saw apparent highs of 42°C yesterday, things are set to stay swelteringly hot for most of this whole week. 

In what feels like a week in the life of a settlement in the desert, Malta’s weather forecast is set to not only hit some record-breaking highs, but stay there for way longer than usual.

In fact, Malta’s apparent temperature is set to hit 40°C again – and even exceed it at times – for the next four consecutive days.

Yep, you read that right – Monday has just kicked off, but you’ll continue being able to practically boil an egg in minutes outside your door until at least Thursday.

Of course, temperatures like these bring with them a number of other factors that are just as important to take into account – particularly the sun’s dangerous UV Index.

As expected, the sun will be particularly bright in the coming days, with today looking like the worst day to be outdoors. In fact, Malta will be hit with rays that hit 11 on the UV index – specifically listed by the WHO as “extremely dangerous”.

Not that tomorrow’s 10 and Wednesday’s 9 are anything to scoff at, of course – try to avoid the sun during peak times as much as possible, and please, if you absolutely have to be outstide, don’t forget your sunblock and any protective clothing. It’s going to get intense.

Echoing this warning, popular forecasting page Malta Weather took to Facebook last weekend to warn of the “heatwave conditions expected to continue across Malta and Gozo as hot air from the Sahara Deserrt penetrates the central Mediterranean”.

Respite from the heat seems to be around the corner… but in this day and age, hope comes in the form of 37°C highs.

And if you were about to start counting down to that relieving temperature, you’re going to have to wait until Friday.

Until then, stay safe, buckle up, and feel free to keep that winter countdown alive.

Remember kids: there’s only 144 days left until Christmas!

What do you make of this? Sound off in the comments below and tag somoeone who can’t wait for winter

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