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Black Friday In Malta Might Be Sunny, But We Could Be In For Another Rainy End To The Week

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If driving and walking around Malta getting the best Black Friday deals was on your schedule for tomorrow, then the weather is one thing you should not worry about this year. However, you might have to leave your house with an umbrella by the time Sunday arrives.

This weekend’s weather forecast for the islands is one mixed bag of fresh weather, cloudy moments and moderately strong winds. Tomorrow’s high of 22°C will set the scene for Saturday and Sunday, but the wind will eventually pick up from a mild westerly Force 2-3 on Friday all the way up to Force 4, 5 and even 6 gusts blowing from a southeasterly direction on Saturday. And while it should go back down to Force 4 on Sunday, there’s one other thing to worry about if you’re planning on spending the end of the week outdoors.

Isolated showers are currently forecasted for Sunday, with some weather pages putting the probability of rain on the day all the way up to 80%.


Photo by Kevin Gauci

If you’ve been feeling fresh over the last couple of days, there’s more from where that came from.

Tonight’s 15°C will at least go up to 16°C for Saturday and Sunday, but as the winds continue to get stronger, it’s only bound to continue feeling colder. And with Sunday marking exactly a month to go until Christmas, maybe it’s time to finally get those ugly, furry sweaters out of the wardrobe!

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