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Boiling With A Chance Of Melting: Here’s The Weather For July’s Last Weekend In Malta

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As Europe sizzles with most temperatures going well over 30°C, Malta just had to one-up the continent with its own brand of heatwave. And if this weekend’s weather forecast is anything to go by, we’re in for one.

July’s last weekend is closing things off with a sweaty bang, as the temperature is set to feel like 39°C every single day.

Yeah, we’re serious.

Evenings will also be rather warm, with an average of 24°C offering the only cool weather this side of the Mediterranean.

And while the wind should be picking up from Force 2 today to even Force 5 by Sunday, it will mostly be coming from the south… so don’t expect to be able to wear long pants any time soon.

Photo by Luke Abela

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