Brace Yourselves: It's About To Get Very Cold In Malta This Weekend

The highest temperatures will still not make it to the double digits

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Sure; another Christmas has come and gone and Maltese people still didn't get to experience a fully-fledged snowball fight in the streets of Valletta. But if this weekend's weather forecast is anything to go by, the islands will still be experiencing a very cold snap to keep true to January's icy traditions.

Even though this morning was already off to a very fresh start with highs of 13°C, the coming days will see the temperatures plummet even further as the wind picks up again, blowing past Force 6 gusts and dropping well below 10°C.

Friday is set to be the coldest day this week, with strong winds dropping the highest apparent temperature all the way down to 5°C.

Even Malta Airport's weather forecast site felt the need to add a zero in front of that five to make sure we understand that it's going to be proper cold.

Lows of 5°C will persist up till Sunday, and while tomorrow should be the windiest day of the week with northwest winds going all the way up to Force 7, the week will still be closing with a relatively strong Force 4 to 5 gusts on Sunday.

Lm Weather January Malta

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Throughout the week (specifically on Friday and Sunday), the islands might also get some rainfall, but it's definitely the particularly low temperatures that will be the talking point of this week.

Of course, January being the coldest month in Malta (along with February), it should come as no surprise that you're going to have to wear your thickest jackets this weekend.

However, with Malta's average highs and lows for this time of year sitting at around 16°C and 9°C, these next couple of days will definitely be colder than usual.

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