Brace Yourselves; The Strong Winds Currently Hitting Malta Aren't Going Anywhere

It might not be a 'bomb cyclone', but this side of the world isn't so calm either

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As record-breaking cold temperatures hit the Northeastern American coast last weekend, the situation back in Malta was unusually sunny for this time of the year. What the islands lacked in rain, though, was definitely made up for in the strong winds. And it seems like we've got at least another week to go before that blows over.

While temperatures for the rest of the week are set to stabilise at typical highs of 20°C (slowly inching their way down to 12°C by the end of the week), one worrying constant for the next six days will be the wind.

Today will be particularly gusty, with southeasterly Force 6 and 7 winds already leading to the Met Office issuing a Yellow warning valid until 5pm. As for the next couple of days, the calmest moments will still have Force 4-5 winds blowing onto the islands, with very strong Forces 6 and 7 returning on Wednesday and Friday in particular.

This week does not seem to hold any particularly heavy bouts of rain save for some isolated showers over Wednesday and Thursday, but the weekend's beginning is looking  much greyer.

Friday holds thundery showers, and the chance of thunderstorms will persist over Saturday. You can expect lows of 10°over the weekend, so buckle up and put on an extra layer for that night out. Sunday holds some hope, with sunnier weather forecasted to pull the temperature back up to highs of 16°C.

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