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Brr! Sudden Drop In Malta’s Temperatures Expected With Cold Arctic Air Sweeping In From The North

Three weeks into September, Malta still hasn’t gotten anywhere near sweater weather… but that could be about to change in the coming days.

While today’s partly cloudy start will result in another day of highs that exceed 30°C, a possible thunderstorm that could hit tomorrow might bring about a sudden drop in temperature right in time for the weekend.

This weekend, Malta’s temperatures are expected to drop significantly, by anywhere between 8°C and 10°C.

As explained by Facebook forecaster Malta Weather, this is all down to “cold arctic air penetrating the central Mediterranean”, and might even result in “gale force northwesterly winds over the weekend, especially on Saturday”.

Sure enough, Malta International Airport’s official weather forecast is showing a sudden drop in temperatures, from Friday’s 33°C… to Saturday’s 25°C.

And to top it all off, Saturday’s northwesterly winds are expected to climb all the way up to Force 7.

Moral of the story? Enjoy 2020’s first proper autumn weekend… but maybe steer clear of beaches for your own good.

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