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Buckle Up! Arctic Winds Set To Hit Malta This Week For ‘Coldest Day This Winter’

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Feeling cold? Well, you haven’t felt anything yet.

Malta is about to get a whole lot chillier just in time for the first week of February, with temperatures set to drop to nearly half of what they are right now.

Today’s highs of 18°C already feel a bit cooler thanks to strong northwesterly winds of Force 5, but by Wednesday, things will quickly get pretty freaking cold. 

As the Majjistral gusts get stronger, midweek will see winds go all the way up to Force 7, dropping temperatures into the single digits by the evening as the notorious Grigal shows up all over again.

Thursday and Friday will see things get even colder, with temperatures dropping under 10°C and strong winds bringing a chilly snap to the islands.

In fact, it looks like the coldest day of the winter yet is just hours away.

Local forecasting page Malta Weather took to Facebook on February’s first day to warn of how cold it’s going to get… and it’s sure looking frosty.

“Bitterly cold winds from the Arctic are expected to reach Malta and Gozo next week from Wednesday and Saturday,” the page announced. “Due to their short sea track, the air will be very clear and little in the way of rain.”

“Temperatures are expected to feel as cold as 4°C at times, with Friday expected to be the coldest day this winter with a high of only 11°C!”

We might’ve already had a wet and windy winter, but it looks like you’d better brace yourself; the cold has only just begun.


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