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Cold Ass Weather Brings Hail To Malta This Morning And People Had Feelings

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In the very early hours of the morning, hail made its random presence to the streets of Malta (yes… hail)!

The cold weather that we have been enduring recently resulted in snow’s rock-solid cousin coming down from the sky and conquering our Island… for a little while anyway (a few minutes to be exact).

Many people had opinions, some were scared and others were all here for it.

This guy went the extra mile and built a snowman. Because why not?

This enthusiastic chap wanted to get the skis out.

Cars had an ice bath…

We don’t know what her opinion was really, but she managed to capture the hail pretty well during its two minute slot.

A lot of people were just not here for it. #goawayhail

And thankfully, the sun shortly returned to wish you all a good morning!

Malta has surprisingly been colder than some European countries this week but the good news is that the weather is predicted to be on the rise from tomorrow.

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