Colder Temperatures Aren't The Only Change In Weather Coming To Malta This Week

November is slowly going to start feeling like... well, November

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Hot and sunny days have dominated most of November in Malta, and even though we had a spell of rain over the weekend, this morning's partly cloudy start to the week was still relatively warm as far as this time of the year goes. Thankfully for winter lovers, though, it might all change soon.

Before any change happens, Tuesday and Wednesday will be reeling sunny weather back to the islands, with highs of 22°C dominating much of this week.

As evening temperatures start off at 18°C and keep descending, however, the highest temperatures by the end of the week will be colder than today's lowest.

The end of the week sees more and more cloud cover making its way to Malta, until by Thursday, grey skies will yet again be the order of the day. And it's only set to get wintery by the weekend.

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Currently, the weather forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday is showing the possibility of showers across the board.

While the wind will be a moderate Force 4 on Friday, it's expected to blow all the way up to Force 6 by Saturday, with the easterly wind going down to Force 4 northerly gusts by Sunday.

What's more, the temperature will be suddenly dropping from 22°C to 18°C, only going even further down to 15°C by Saturday evening.


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