Ditch The Jacket! Here's The Weather In Malta This Week

Hey winter, March is here to kick your ass

Lovin Malta Weather March

Fed up of hail, strong winds and fercious thunderstorms? Well, this week has got you - and the rest of Malta - sorted.

Judging by the MIA weather forecast, today's warm and sunny start looks like the beginning of the end for the recent wintery spell over the Maltese islands. Today's highs of 18°C will keep increasing to beyond 21°C by the end of the week, and even the lows will be gravitating between a mild 10°C tonight and a relatively warm 12°C from the midweek onwards.

Even the winds will calm down, with today's northeasterly Force 2 only going up to a maximum of Force 4 from the southeast by Friday.

So if you've been patiently (and painfully) waiting for spring to rear its beautiful head amidst recordbreaking storms, then you're definitely in luck. Picnic time is here!

Malta Weather March

Photo by Rachel Vella

Featured Image Original Photo by Aleksandar Gligic

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