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Don’t Let This Sun Fool You! Stormy Weather Is Just Round The Corner, Malta Airport Forecast Warns

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Dark, windy, wet and stormy… or just plain hot and sunny. Malta’s weather really only has two settings this time of the year, and while it’s currently beautiful and quite frankly a little warm, bad weather appears to be just around the corner.

Storms could be returning to the island sooner than we thought, and if the Malta Airport weather forecast is anything to go by (which it nearly always is), we could be in for a long stretch of winter.

Following a considerable temperature drop earlier this week, today’s partly cloudy and mostly fine start to the weekend will see lows of 15°C as the wind starts picking up. By tomorrow, though, black clouds might be back.

The current forecast is showing the possibility of thunderstorms returning to Malta, with strong winds of Force 5 and 6 hitting the isles.

Ironically, though, it’s the strong northwesterly gusts that might be the islands’ saviour, as Sunday might instead only have possible showers thanks to the previous day’s storm being quickly blown away from Malta.

Because of all this, highs will rarely feel warmer than 20°C and lows will plummet all the way to 14°C by the end of the weekend. 

In the meantime, brace yourselves; it looks like things are only getting worse by next week!

Photo by David Caruana 

Featured Image Original Photo by Sander Verstrate

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