Don't Worry, The Weather In Malta Won't Remain This Savage

The endless sweats may not persist

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No, it's just not you; temperatures in Malta have soared up to heatwave levels all over again. This week started off with the hottest day of the year, with the highs of 35°C going all the way up to an apparent temperature of 38°C and beyond (some places even registered temperatures which hit the 40s). 

The good news is that it's all set to cool down for a while, and temperatures in Malta will go back to "normal summer" levels. Throughout the rest of the week, Monday's mid-30s will see a gradual decrease, with Thursday and Friday seeing temperatures of 29°C! Maybe it's time to bring out those jackets after all?

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The wind will continue to blow from the North for the rest of the following days and even going up to a strong Force 6, so this week is also set to bring with it a refreshing breeze (or ten). 

As expected, however, the high UV index is not going anywhere, with 9s and 10s showing up all the way to Sunday. So while it's going to be a bit more of a relief going out in the afternoon, your suncream should still be close by. Don't let a whole week of relatively cloudy weather sway you; the sun's going to be as powerful as ever. 

Still though - hurray for breeze!

Featured Photo by Agata Grubba-Szreder

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