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Dreaming Of A White Weekend? Here’s What Malta Is Getting Ahead Of Christmas Instead

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Ah, snow. The harbinger of a chilly Christmas best spent all cuddled up at home with your loved ones. Well, guess what; that’s not what we’re getting here in Malta, even in the days just before the 25th of December.

With no rain (much less snow) in sight for this weekend’s weather forecast, the coming days are instead bringing something all locals have come to be way familiar with this year; wind.

That’s right; for yet another rather long stretch, the most dominant feature of the islands will be the strong winds blowing moderately cold air into our faces.

Kicking off with today’s southwesterly winds of Force 4, this weekend will only get gustier, with tomorrow showing bouts of Force 6 and Sunday closing things off with a northwesterly Force 7. That’s a lot of damage.

This weekend’s strong winds will no doubt affect the overall temperature, with today’s highs of 19°C only budging up one degree by the end of the weekend. As for the evenings, expect lows of under 15°C.

Sunday isn’t even the windiest day on the forecast right now, with Monday 23rd December looking even worse with expectations of Force 8 winds blowing from the northwest.

Buckle up ladies and gents; we might not get a white Christmas, but it’s sure looking like a windy one!

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