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Feels Like 0°C?! Malta’s Last Weather Forecast Of The Decade Is Pretty Intense

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Bone-chilling cold spells dominated the Maltese Islands in the days right after Christmas, but with New Year’s Eve just around the corner, things are about to take an even more worrying turn.

With the highest temperature of the day already not managing to feel warmer than 9°C, this morning’s blue skies could soon make way for a thunderstorm that’s long been on many forecast’s warning. Indeed, telltale signs like extremely good visibility – allowing people to spot Mount Etna and Sicily all the way from Mellieħa and Gozo – have been surfacing over the last 48 hours.

And while it definitely hasn’t been anywhere near warm lately, it’s only going to get worse by the end of 2019.

By tonight, the weather is set to drop to 7°C and start to feel even colder as the northerly winds pick up in strength

Tomorrow, in fact, the very last day of the year – and decade – is technically set to be 11°C, but it probably won’t feel much warmer than tonight thanks to strong winds that will quickly go all the way up to Force 6.

Isolated showers are also set to make an appearance tomorrow, and as the day progresses, it’s actually going to feel much colder. Some local forecasters have actually upped the ante, making that 7°C look enviable.

Facebook forecasting page Malta Weather just took the current warning one further step, warning that “temperatures across Malta and Gozo are expected to feel as cold as 0°C at times over the next few days”.  Yes, you read that right.

The page attributed the shocking forecast – in which they quoted an 80% confidence – on “an upper-level pool of frigid air” that has settled over the central Mediterranean.

And whether it does end up feeling like zero or anywhere close, one thing’s for sure; y’all better buckle up and wear your comfiest, warmest jackets for New Year’s Eve!

If you’re shivering just reading this, though, don’t worry too much – things are already looking up for 2020

Almost like clockwork, the weather is set to switch to mainly sunny on the 1st of January, with the wind slowing down to a relatively calmer Force 4 and temperatures going beyond 10°C again.

Evenings will still be rather cold, but that 7°C is sure looking better than zero!

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