Forget Today: Here's The Weather In Malta For The Rest Of St Patrick's Day Weekend

Phew, strong winds and isolated showers should not be the norm for this whole weekend

March Lovin Malta Weather

You might find yourself frustratingly uttering, "Not again" sometime today, and you won't be wrong. Overcast weather, isolated showers and strong winds might end up dominating Malta for today, but you'll be pleased to know this shouldn't be the norm for the rest of the weekend.

Today's weather forecast has kicked off with Malta International Airport issuing a yellow weather warning on "strong to very strong" winds (Force 6 from the northwest, anyone?) hitting the islands, with the warning being valid till at least noon.

Isolated showers should also be making their way to Malta as you work the last day of the workweek away, and the highs of 16°C will be going down to 11°C by tonight.

By tomorrow, however, we should be seeing warmer temperatures, less chances of rain and milder winds.

18°C and Force 4 will make sure Saturday will be overall better than Friday, but Sunday looks to be the best day for a picnic this weekend. Highs will go up even more, winds will continue to die down, and the end of the week should be mainly sunny.

Happy St. Patrick's y'all, and remember; this is literally the last weekend of winter before spring officially kicks off next Wednesday night!

March Lovin Malta Weather Weekend

Photos by Samantha Debono

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