We've Got Some Bad News If You're Fed Up Of Malta's Heat

Guess what's coming?

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Man, it's been quite a long and hot summer, hasn't it? Well, if you can't wait for the season to be over and for the cooler weather to roll in, we've got some bad news for you; it's going to get a whole lot hotter this week. 

Tomorrow, August will be kicking off with the fourth heatwave of the summer, with apparent temperatures hovering around 40°C for a whole week. Yep.

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This latest heatwave is the result of a high pressure weather system which is currently moving in from Africa, and will also see Malta's humidity levels soar all the way up to 90% and beyond. Bring on the endless, "dik il-problema hi, l-umdita' kollox!"

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Highs of around 37°C will linger all the way to Sunday, with the apparent temperatures staying over 40°C on a nearly daily basis. The lowest of low temperatures will be around 25°C, and winds are expected to barely reach Force 4, meaning there won't be that much breeze as a relief from the hot temperatures.  

As expected, the Malta International Airport's forecast page has set up warnings ahead of this week's heatwave, and with a constant UV index of 9 and 10, don't forget that faithful bottle of sunscreen with you. 

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