Hail And Flooding Might Be Returning As European Storm Forecast Places Malta In Second Highest Severe Weather Warning Level

The strong winds and thunderstorm would this time be coming from the southeast


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Thunderstorms have gradually started becoming quite regular for the Maltese Islands this autumn, and it looks like we might be on our way to yet another one very soon.

Local forecasters FirstMalta have this morning announced that another thunderstorm is expected to hit the Maltese islands later today, with the highest chance of it arriving currently slated for anywhere between 2pm and midnight.

"This thunderstorm is expected to form close to our islands and move towards us mainly due to meteorological instability present over the Central Mediterranean caused by a low pressure system over Tunisia and Algeria which is moving towards us," First Malta elaborated.

Hail, flooding and wind gusts could yet again be on the menu, and multiple forecasts are mentioning the possibility of a big one

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Precipitation levels expected later today over the Central Mediterranean

European Storm Forecast ESTOFEX currently has Malta listed down as a Risk Level 2. Rating the severe weather forecasts, ESTOFEX's rank only goes up to Level 3, meaning this latest warning is nearly as severe as it can get.

Along with thunder and rain, strong winds are also expected to reach the Maltese islands, this time from the East South East. "Motorists are being advised to avoid parking their vehicles very close to the coast, especially on the Eastern Coast whilst anyone planning outdoor activities or work especially at heights is advised to monitor the weather situation closely and take all necessary precautions," FirstMalta continued.

We've already had a couple of thunderstorms hit the Maltese islands and wreck havoc, so let's all use that experience to be wary of the next storm that might hit later.

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ESTOFEX zones. Malta squarely lies within the Level 2 Risk Area

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Sea wave height around the Maltese islands. The red area shows sea waves of up to 4 meters, while areas in light purple show sea waves of up to 2 meters.

Meanwhile, the Malta International Airport's forecast page is showing a yellow warning of strong Force 6 winds that might even go all the way up to Force 7.

As for the rest of the weekend, a cloudy Friday and Saturday should bring with them persisting clouds but milder winds.

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