Here's What The Weather In Malta Is Looking Like For Carnival Weekend

And Gozo, of course

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Carnival weekend sees thousands of Maltese people head to the sister island of Gozo for a couple of days of costumed shenanigans, but with the celebrations coinciding with some of the coldest weekends of winter, many approach the weekend with caution. This year is no exception, with the weather offering up a mixed bag of fresh cloudy days which might even see some rain.

The good news is that temperatures won't go lower than 10°C at night, going up to 15°C during the day. This, coupled with winds hitting averages of Force 3, means you and your scantily-clad friends should be safe from any particularly cold spells. 

Of course, this year's Carnival weekend does coincide with St. Paul's, which is Biblically notorious for some shipwreck-inducing weather. Saturday, which is when most revellers descend onto villages like Nadur and Għaxaq, will see that wind force increase to 4 and even 5 at times, and the day might even see some rain.

Sunday will close everything off with milder winds, sunnier moments, but slightly colder nights that might even go into the single digits. Make sure to get home by then and treat it as the best excuse to snuggle up after a long weekend of festivities.

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Until then, expect warmer highs of 17°C for the next three days, with the wind getting particularly strong on Wednesday. In fact, the midweek's southwesterly winds will go all the way up to Forces 5 and 6.

With other forecasts predicting a solid 60% chance of rain extended over Thursday, Friday and even Saturday, however, it might be a good idea to plan for a comfy and cosy costume.

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