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Hold On To Your Hats! This Weekend’s Weather Forecast Confirms Strong Winds And 10°C Drop For Malta

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Painfully warm temperatures of over 30°C are still hitting Malta even as September’s final days roll out, but if every weather forecast on the island is to be believed, it’s about to get a whole lot windier – and fresher – in the next 24 hours.

Although today is set to feature highs that feel like 33°C, an overnight gust will see winds shift from southwesterly breezes of Force 3 to northwesterly gusts of Force 7.

By tomorrow, though, the temperature is expected to drop a whole 10°C and it isn’t expected to feel higher than 23°C… which is pretty much the same forecasted temperature for tonight.

That’s right; in between the clouds, the decreased UV Index of 6 and the strong winds, tomorrow morning’s warmest temperature will feel as fresh as tonight’s coldest.

Saturday night, meanwhile, is expected to feel as low as 19°C, one of the first sub-20°C forecasts we’ve seen for Malta in a very long time.

As for Sunday, the wind is expected to die down slightly, but the Force 5 gusts will be enough to keep the temperature from climbing higher than 25°C.

And while this is a relieving forecast for many who have now had enough of summer 2020, don’t forget to be careful of those strong Majjistral winds if you’re going to be out and about on Saturday!

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