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‘I Told Him Not To Bother!’: Animal Welfare Commissioner Praises Wolt Driver Who Helped Her After Car Breaks Down On Birthday

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Animal Rights Commissioner Alison Bezzina’s birthday got off to a disappointing start this morning as her car broke down on an extremely chaotic day on Malta’s roads. 

However, she was given reason to smile as a Wolt food delivery driver braved the flooded roads to try and help her out, with an image of the encounter going viral on social media. 

Bezzina told Lovin Malta that she was driving to her father’s house after taking the day off for her birthday, joking that it was “the first day she planned to take off completely since becoming Commissioner”.

However, as she reached the top part of Valley Road, Birkirkara (near Hefu Bar), her car suddenly broke down and she had to call a tow truck. Although the part of the main road she was stuck on wasn’t that badly impacted by the floods, the carnage on the roads meant it took the tow truck around two and a half hours to turn up.

“While I was waiting inside my car for the tow truck to turn up, a Wolt driver – completely soaked in water – turned up and started dislodging some item that the rain had dragged under my car, believing that that that was why I had stopped,” she said. “I tried to signal to him not to bother and that it wouldn’t make a difference but he kept on going.”

Although the driver’s efforts were ultimately fruitless, Bezzina felt grateful nonetheless for the way he took the initiative despite being completely soaked himself.

Malta’s streets were plunged into chaos this morning as a violent storm hit the island, with the Met Office issuing an Orange weather warning.

Floods forced the closure of several streets and some cars were left submerged.

Have you been impacted by today’s heavy storm? 

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