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Is T-Shirt Weather Finally Upon Us? Here’s How Warm It’s Getting In Malta For The Last Weekend Of April

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It hasn’t exactly been cold in Malta these last couple of weeks, but with Force 6 and 7 winds still managing to find their way into most of spring’s weekends, all those April picnics and BBQs around the island have had to come with an extra layer of clothing and a cautious disclaimer or four. Now, it looks like we’re finally in for a change.

Today’s forecast is set to mostly mirror the weekend, with a sunny couple of days seeing the temperatures finally rise and feel warm. In fact, the next two days are showing highs of 23°C which are sure to be helped by the waning winds slowly going down from last weekend’s Force 7 to a more agreeable Force 4.

Just as important as the force of the wind, however, is the direction. Moving away from the southeasterly dustgasm we had these last couple of days, the winds over Malta for this weekend will be mostly making their way from the northwest, which will hopefully make for less balmy afternoons. Following this up will be cool evening lows of 13 and 14°C.

So maybe now that May is mere days away, we can finally start dreaming of going to the beach in nothing but thin t-shirts and shorts?

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