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Is The Rain Here To Stay? Here’s Your Weekly Weather Update For Malta And Gozo

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We’re a mere 23 days away from the official opening of autumn. Summer is almost over and the colder weather is due to return to our island once more. Sweater weather, we love you. Last night saw the first storm of 2019’s last hurrah and Malta woke up to wet roads this morning…

But is the rain here to stay?

Monday is set to settle at a measly 24°C but will feel like 31°in some areas of the island less sheltered.

We’re due more thundery showers throughout the day but knowing our tiny size if they skim past our shorelines you’ll still be able to see them, we just won’t get to bask in the glorious sky water.

The rest of the week is kind of hit-and-miss, with showers reported for Wednesday and Thursday but also the possibility of Tuesday seeing a return of thunder and lightning.

There’s an average temperature of 29°C for the entire week, with highs of 31°C predicted for every day. But it’s from Thursday onwards that we’ll see the reigning sunshine come back with added lower humidity, with an average 58% measurable on the index.

UV levels are out at 8 all week so make sure to cover up and slap on the SPF. We might be in September, but winter hasn’t managed to take over just yet…

Are you still holding on to the warm weather?

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