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It May Be September, But It’s About To Get Even Hotter In Malta This Week

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Early September brings a lot of false hope with it if you’re a Maltese person who’s fed up of the long and intense summer… and this week’s forecast proves just that in a painful, sweaty fashion.

This sunny week has constant apparent temperatures of 36°C.

Let that just sink in for a second. While not unusual for summer, we’re now going to get slightly higher temperatures than we’ve been getting in actual August. For seven consecutive days. In September.

It all starts with temperatures of 31°C today, but in between the mild winds and the high apparent temperatures, it’ll quickly start feeling like 36°C as of tomorrow.

Evenings won’t be holding much in the way of relief either, with lowest temperatures this week registering at 23°C (which is what many people were kind of hoping the highs would be at anytime soon now).

The wind will never make it past Force 3 throughout the weekdays, but with a constant varying direction, at least we’ve got some surprises in store for us.

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If you’re quite fed up of the sun and were looking for some cloud cover, though, the weekend is where you’ll find comfort.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday all hold cloudy days that will climax on the very last day.

However, if you were hoping for cooler temperatures, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer; the apparent temperature of 36°C will still persist right up to Sunday.

In other words, we’re still very much in summer territory for now guys.

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