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It’s Coming! Days Of Rain, Thunder And Maybe Even Hail Could Be Hitting Malta Very Soon

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Weeks of warm weather and dry spells could finally be coming to an end for Malta… and it could all be happening as early as tomorrow.

Even though this morning has kicked off with a not-so-unusual, partly cloudy day with highs of 23°C, most weather forecasts around the island seem to be expecting a rather stormy spell kicking off in less than 24 hours.

In fact, as the wind intensifies and switches from a southwesterly direction to a northwesterly one, the temperature is set to drop, barely hitting 20°C throughout the day tomorrow.

As for the rain, the current forecast shows showers hitting Malta on pretty much every day this week… but tomorrow could be the most wintry of them all.

Tuesday’s prediction is showing showers, thunder, low highs, and even lower lows that could see evenings feeling as cool as 14°C.

Elsewhere on popular Facebook forecasting page Malta Weather, the reason behind the imminent bad weather was highlighted.

“An upper-level trough is expected to move across the Maltese Islands this week,” the page explained.

“This should bring rain showers that may be thundery and/or with small hail, thus breaking up this current long dry period!”

Meanwhile, if this weather persists, Friday might not even see highs hitting 20°C, with the warmest temperature expected to gravitate around 19°C.

In fact, the steadily decreasing highs and moderately strong winds mean that Malta could even have some hail lined up this week.

With a 70% confidence in forecast and more pages echoing the same prediction, it looks like it should be time to finally take out the hoodies and the umbrellas!

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