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It’s Not Over Yet: This Week’s Weather In Malta Promises More Flirting With Scorching 40s

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Last week saw some of the hottest weather of 2019 hit Malta, with temperatures feeling just slightly less than 40°C by the time summer officially started on Friday. And while things might kind of improve by the weekend, this week’s weather holds some more blistering heat… especially for the first half.

Following yet another yellow temperature warning issued yesterday evening, today is set to kick things off nice and boiling with highs of 35°C that feel more like 37°C. But while you may think that’s as much as you can take, you’d better brace yourself.

Tuesday is set to be the hottest day this week according to weather forecasts, with the warmest temperature during the day feeling like 38°C. 

And considering that’s coming from a day that should show 30°C on the board, we’re willing to bet the warm (and probably negligible) Force 2-3 winds and high UV index of 10 will have something to do with the sharp increase in apparent temperature.

As for the rest of the week, the temperature will stabilise at a slightly lower – but still darn hot – 32°C, with varying levels of apparent temperatures.

Constantly mild winds, lows of 23°C and consistently very high UV indexes mean the first full week of summer is perfect for a quick cheeky swim… but also great if you like getting sunburnt if you’re not too careful.

Photo by Maria Mifsud

Featured Image Photo by Alistair Baldacchino

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