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It’s Not Over Yet! Warnings Of More Thunder And Even Hail Issued Ahead Of This Week In Malta

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Heavy rainfall, loud thunder and inescapable flooding made up most of Malta’s last couple of days, but as far as the weather forecast for the coming days is concerned, we’re still not in the clear yet.

As of this morning, the official Malta International Airport forecasting page had an active Yellow Weather Warning, detailing the possibility of “isolated thundery and gusty showers, possibly with hail in places”, which is expected to hit parts of the island throughout the day.

And while it seems like today is the worst of this weekend’s follow-ups, the rest of the week could still end up being rather wet at times. 

All the way up till Thursday, this week’s forecast is showing the possibility of isolated showers on a daily basis, with winds that start at strong forces of 5 and 6 today and only die down to 3 by the second half of the week.

As has come to be expected, temperatures will still gravitate at around highs of 30°C (which could feel even hotter than that), but with a UV Index of 7 or 8, you’re bound to not get as much of a tan as you would’ve gotten a mere couple of weeks ago. Plus, you know, storm and all.

Friday, on the other hand, could be the respite all rain-haters are looking for, with a partly cloudy day set to kill off today’s strong winds and even bring some more sunlight back to the islands. But don’t hold your breath for too long; summer truly seems to be in its final days!

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