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It’s Official: October Was Malta’s Stormiest Month In Almost 70 Years

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October was a very rainy and thundery month in Malta, perhaps way more than many people would’ve liked it to be. Now, in case you’ve been wondering whether a month like that deserves to be in the history books, it turns out you’re very right.

Last October was officially the stormiest month Malta has seen since 1951.

That’s almost as old as your grandma. Malta International Airport said that the temperatures for this month have ranged between 13.8˚C and 27.4˚C. The norm for October is generally that of 21.5˚C, by the way. The sea was a bit warmer as the mean temperature was 1.4˚C higher than the usual 23.5˚C.

October was at its sunniest on its first day… and wettest on the second.

We saw 43.8mm of rain which mainly resulted from a super low-pressure system over Corsica which moved in a southern direction. Thanks, Corsica.

We also saw a total of 187.7 hours of sunshine, and the sun was on a strike for only a total of three days this month. Lush.

Malta experienced a scary thunderstorm on the 31st however, which was a total bummer for everyone who was celebrating Halloween. In total, a whole 189mm of rain was collected just this month, more than double the general outpour of 75.6mm that’s expected at this time of year.

We did have it a bit easier than the infamous storm of ’51, though, when a whooping 476.5mm of rain was measured.

The wind was also a bit of a drag this month as there was an average of 7.8 knots with a speed of 0.6 higher than the usual. The windiest day was the 21st, which saw a maximum gust of 37.5 knots blowing from a north by east direction.

Other observations from MIA included reports of dust from the Sahara Desert on 28th and the 29th of October, which set the scene for what’s been a sunnier and warmer November.

Tag anyone who complained about the rain this October

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