June Sees Unusually Shitty Weather In Malta, But Will It Clear Up Soon?

Spoiler: your public holiday may be safe

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Rain and thunder are not really what you'd expect on the first Monday of June in Malta, but this week was all about having those expectations proven wrong. As the drab weather keeps getting worse, today is expected to have winds of up to Force 4 (at times increasing to 5), with thundery showers over the rest of the day. 

And while the day's 25°C temperature will still feel like a rather stuffy 29°C, the Malta International Airport website issued a yellow alert for isolated thunderstorms which is currently valid till noon.

On the the plus side, however, it looks like it's all set to change as of tomorrow, with higher temperatures and partly cloudy that gets sunny by the late morning. From then on, it's all sun and fun again!

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In the meantime, this weather is making for some pretty unusual Instagram shots of Malta in June.

Tag a friend who's secretly loving this weather.

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