'Large Amounts Of Hail' Could Be Coming To Malta Tonight As Intense Arctic Air Triggers Weather Warning

Again; that's hail, not snow

Malta Weather Hail Weekend Mid January Forecast

Had enough of the freezing temperatures, rainy days and bouts of hail that have been hitting Malta in the last couple of weeks? Well, tough luck.

Numerous weather forecasts are predicting "large amounts of hail" might fall in some places in Malta and Gozo this weekend, particularly tonight.

This latest gloomy news comes as the weather forecast is showing a spell of stormy weather that will be persisting over the islands in the coming days as temperatures drop one more time.

Tonight will see the temperature drop all the way down to 8°C, and tomorrow isn't looking much warmer either

Malta Weather Mid January Hail

"Ħmura filgħodu, lesti ż-żwiemel fejn joqogħdu". Photo by Alistair Baldacchino

As hail and thundery showers hit the islands this weekend, strong winds will be increasing from Force 3 all the way up to Force 7 on Sunday.

And if you were hoping for a warmer break, you're going to have to look at this week; Saturday's warmest temperature will feel like 9°C, and Sunday is only barely better with 11°C highs. As for the evenings, we're looking at chilly 8°C across the board.

A yellow weather warning is currently has been issued for the islands as "moderate precipitation" is expected to turn to hail by tonight

Malta Airport's forecast page currently has the warning valid until 8pm tonight, but don't be surprised if this is extended as colder temperatures and greyer clouds continue to congregate over the islands.

Popular Facebook forecasting page Malta Weather has echoed these weather patterns, quoting an "intense shot of cold Arctic air" as the culprit behind this weekend's stormy weather.

On the brighter and warmer side of things, however, it does look like all of this might abate come next week.

Featured Image: Left: Alistair Baldacchino, Right: Kyle Curmi

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