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Malta May Be Sunny And Warm Today, But There’s A Weather Warning Out

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Even though there have been reports of very brief showers over Malta this morning, the weather today has been sunny and pretty warm. This however hasn’t stopped a ‘Yellow’ Weather Warning from being issued by the Met Office, and it’s got to do with the strong winds which will be hitting our islands over the next 24 hours.

The Northwesterly, Majjistral winds will be sitting at a very strong Force 6 and 7 over the rest of Monday, with the warning being valid right up till midnight tonight. The warning does however state that it might be “renewed accordingly”, with current forecasts predicting similarly strong NW gusts over Tuesday. Wednesday sees the wind dying down, even though parts of the midweek will also be seeing Force 5 and 6 winds.

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On the plus side, this week’s temperature is where the worries end. Highs will feel like an agreeable 23°C for most of the week, with lows of 17°C today going down to 15°C on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The weather is set to be partly cloudy for the rest of the week too, with the sun coming out on Friday, just in time for Halloween weekend.

A weak UV index of 4 might tempt you into heading to the beach for a cheeky autumn swim, but considering the strong winds which are set to dominate the first half of the week, we’d strongly recommend you stay indoors and make the most of your Halloween preparations instead. 

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Photo by Lamberto Maria Orlandi

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