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Malta Might Not Be Getting Snow This Christmas (Again), But All You Need To Do Is Squint At Today’s Forecast

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Forget ever seeing snow for Christmas if you live in Malta. That’s what they always told me. Little did they know, that if you had to squint hard enough on this glorious 19th December’s forecast, you wouldn’t be too far off. Well, kind off.

As increasingly strong winds continue to blow from the south, the Maltese Islands are currently getting their own version of a white Christmas… and it’s yellow-brown.

Eearlier this morning, the Apple Weather app forecast for areas yet again pulled up notifications of dust in the area… so much so that it must’ve confused a couple of people with its eerie similarity to the symbol for snow.

But with the current chances of rain sitting at a solid 0% and the coldest temperature not expected to go much below 15°C tonight, we’re going to have to make do with dust for now ladies and gents.

Close enough though, right?

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