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Malta’s Got One More Week Of Heatwave ‘Lucifer’, But Hope Is Round The Corner

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A ‘killer heatwave’ very aptly named Lucifer is currently raging across Europe, with wildfires blazing in Italy and Greece and nearly 10 people already dying of the heat. Back in Malta, the temperature has been flirting with 40°C for a week now, with last weekend seeing some of the hottest temperatures of 2017

Well, this week isn’t really going to be any different. Except it’s actually going to feel hotter.

Temperatures which feel like 43°C will haunt Malta all throughout this week, with today kicking off at an apparent temperature of 44°C. Yes, forty-friggin-four. Again, the wind won’t be going higher than Force 3, so it’s going to be hot and stuffy for most of the coming days. The lowest temperatures will be in the upper 20s, so you can’t even find solace in the nights.

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Image by Antonio La Cava

And if you were planning on heading to the beach to solve your heat woes, you’re probably not going to get that chilly sea feel you’re thinking of, especially considering the sea temperature actually went over 30°C last weekend. Talk about piss-warm.

Oh and seeing as humidity is all we talk about in Malta, here’s a quick update for all of you going on about “il-problema aħna dik l-ostra umdita’ hux!”. There are certain parts of the island where the relative humidity is currently 100%.

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Hope does lie on the horizon, though, and it’s all coming this weekend. The temperature on Saturday and Sunday will drop down to 31°C, which is nearly a whole 10°C fresher than what the islands are currently going through. 

It’s set to be even cooler at night, with lows of 23°C on Sunday (read: positively chilly). The Northern winds will also go up to Forces 4 and 5, and while the UV index is still going to way up there with 10s across the board, the whole thing will actually be bearable. Props to Santa Marija coming to save the day yet again!

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Featured Photo by Cliff Zammit Stevens

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