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Malta’s In For A Beautiful Weekend… But Thunder And Cold Gusts Are Just Around The Corner

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If you were planning on enjoying the great outdoors this weekend, you’re in luck. But you’d better make the most of it while you still can, because things will soon take a rather wintery turn.

Today’s mainly sunny start will see highs of 23°C which will actually budge up over the weekend, with a fair day tomorrow offering a slightly fresh respite thanks to northwesterly winds of Force 5.

Sunday is offering more of the same, with some added cloud cover that is set to be a sign of things to come.

By next week, though, we could be looking at stronger winds, rain showers that might get thundery… and temperatures that could drop well under 11°C.

Quoting the latest weather models available as of yesterday evening, popular Facebook forecasting page Malta Weather warned of a bulk of colder air from northern Europe which could penetrate the central Mediterranean next week.

In fact, according to the Facebook forecasters (and their 65% prediction confidence), temperatures in Malta could drop to feeling as low as 11°C at times.

Somewhat echoing this, the Malta International Airport’s weather forecast for next week has thundery showers and winds of Force 6 kicking off Tuesday… and more showers following up on Wednesday.

What do you make of this? Tag someone who should probably enjoy this weekend’s weather before it’s too late!

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