Malta's Latest Heatwave Was 'Yellow' And It's Just Turned 'Orange'

Also, the sea will basically be 'pipi' levels of warm

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An orange warning has been issued by the MetOffice this morning in preparation for another very hot spell on the Maltese Islands.

Highs of 37°C are expected today, and as always, it's bound to feel even hotter than that. It will only get slightly less warmer tomorrow and on Friday, before finally cooling off slightly for the weekend. Our flirting with a heatwave has become a familiar story for most of the past month.

The rest of the forecast is equally familiar: sunny or mostly sunny, with a UV index of 10 on most days, though jumping up to 11 on Thursday. A decent breeze from the North might also make up for some of the heat, it's always at least a Force 3 wind until the weekend, jumping up to Force 4 or 5 at times.

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Photo by Diana Makarova.

According to the MetOffice, the average air and sea temperatures in the preceding June were 1.4°C higher than the norm for the month. But if you think that you can get away from the heat by escaping to the sea, guess again! The water temperature was also nearly 2°C hotter than the average, with the sea currently measuring in at a comfortable 25.3°C.

Just like in the previous heat waves, it's best to follow the Health Ministry's advice to remain hydrated and as much out of direct sunlight as possible, especially close to noon. And if you must go out, use sunscreen properly: read up on the bottle, you'll probably need to apply a great deal more than you think you do to be adequately covered.

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