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Malta’s Set To Get A Whole Lot Windier And Colder Before The Weekend

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Following last weekend’s two-day storm over Malta, it looks like the islands are in for a couple of more windy and rainy days before the sun comes out again in full force.

The next 48 hours will see high temperatures which feel like 11°C, with lows of 9°C set to feel even colder with the strong northwesterly winds.  

The Malta International Airport weather forecast website had weather warnings out for gale-force gusts yesterday, and while there are currently no warnings out, both today and tomorrow will see wind forces of 6 and 7 hit the islands. 

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Thankfully for all Carnival enthusiasts, the weekend holds milder winds and lower chances of rain. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will feel like 15°C during the day, and the wind will go down to Forces 2, 3 and 4. 

The weather for the weekend is also set to be mostly sunny, getting a big cloudier (and possibly rainy) over Sunday. As it stands, in fact, some forecasts have the end of the week listed down with a 50% chance of rain.

While the weekend should be bringing the sun with it to Malta, Friday night is actually set to be the coldest night of the week. Lows will go all the way down to 7°C, and that’s only set to feel even chillier with a northerly Force 4 wind and Malta’s typical sky-high humidity (which will be going from 53% all the way up to 81% over the coming days). 

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