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Malta’s Skies Are Back To Blue, But Are They Here To Stay?

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After a week or so of gloomy, sticky and rainy weather, yesterday’s unbelievably gorgeous sunset over Malta seems to have heralded beautiful clear skies all over again.

If you’re like us and are loving this beautiful weather and these clear blue skies, we’ve got some amazing news for you.

The forecast for the entire rest of this week is looking sunny AF, with temperatures never exceeding a fair and summery 24°C. While it might get slightly breezier over the weekend with Force 4 around Saturday, the rest of the week is looking calm and beautiful. 

With the UV index sitting between 8 and 9 from now until Sunday, we’d recommend keeping a small bottle of sunblock in your bag just in case… especially on Friday, when the apparent temperature will be shooting up to 30°C again (which might be a tad too hot).

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In the meantime, if you can’t wait for the rest of the sunny week, here are some awesome shots from around Malta this morning.

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