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Malta’s Summer 2020 Is Off To A Much Fresher Start Than 2019… But Not For Long

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No, it’s not just you; the first weekend of summer 2020 in Malta really is shaping up to be “cooler” than last year’s. Sure, it might not look like it considering the mercury’s still hitting the 30s and we’re running around with masks on our faces, but the numbers add up.

This time last year, summer kicked off with a heatwave alert ahead of days that felt like 36°C… and even that quickly went all the way up to apparent highs of 39°C. 

In comparison, the highest today will feel is 32°C, and it’s set to be even fresher tomorrow with the arrival of more strong winds.

One of the island’s main features this year, the wind will be making a strong comeback tomorrow with northwesterly gusts that go all the way up to Force 6 again. This will in turn be dropping Sunday’s high to a mere 27°C, which should at least feel like 30°C at its worst (or is it best?).

Having said that, though, the UV index today is still set on an “extreme” 11, only dropping to 10 tomorrow, so still be wary of that sun and the potential harm it can have during peak hours.

But if you were hoping for fresh summer days, you’ve clearly never been to Malta between June and August, because the heat is just round the corner.

By next Wednesday, a sunny spell will be bringing the temperature back up to 33°C, and as the UV rises back to double digits and the wind dies down to Force 2 and 3, expect some classicallly hot days to hit Malta soon enough.

Featured Image Original Photo by Albert Camilleri

Tag someone who loves summer… and someone who goes through three months of torture every single year

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