Malta’s Weather On New Year’s Eve And Day Is Set To Be Awesome (Unless Mt Etna Messes Things Up)

That's one way to start the new year

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As people all around the world gear up to ring in the new year amid the snow and the bitter cold, revellers flocking to Malta to party it up in the local New Year’s Eve celebrations will be happy to hear that the last few days of the year will be dry and sunny.

Today, Saturday, and tomorrow, Sunday, are expected to be mostly sunny, with temperatures reaching 16°C and dropping to a rather chilly 7°C. Throughout the weekend a light to moderate wind is expected to blow starting from a northwest direction today, and becoming west-northwest on Sunday.

Winds are expected to get gradually stronger as the year draws to a close, with the moderate north-northwest wind blowing on New Year’s Eve becoming a strong north-northeast wind on New Year’s Day.

However, an alarm has been raised over whether ash from Mt Etna might ruin the fun

The Facebook page Malta Weather issued a warning saying volcanic ash from Mt Etna is expected over Malta and Gozo on New Year's Day as well as on the 2nd January, with a possibility of acid rain.

People have been advised to take precautions such as staying inside or wearing masks to protect them from contaminated air

Aside from potential acid rain, New Year's Eve and Day should be sunnier and drier than average

While the Meteorological Office is forecasting a sunnier and drier than average New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, temperatures are expected to drop from a maximum temperature of 17°C to a minimum of 7°C.

The 31st of December in 2014 remains unbeaten as the coldest New Year’s Eve on record, with temperatures plummeting to 2.1°C and snow pellets raining on our parade.

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